“Dr. Mandy’s neck adjustments are most gentle and specific. The massage I got afterwards feels like an extension of the adjustment.” – DD, College Professor

“After having my twins 2 years ago I started to run races again. While training for Hood to Coast and receiving massages regularly I realized it wasn't entirely helping my aches and pains. Determined to continue running I was referred to Dr. Mandy Marziaz. A runner herself she knew exactly what I was referring to when I pointed out my tender areas. With literally one session I felt great. I was headache free for several weeks and my long runs no longer hurt. I was better in tune with my body and knew exactly when an area was out again and needed to be adjusted. I’m happy to say I ran all my legs of Hood to Coast without injury and Dr. Marziaz is to thank. She helped speed up my recovery as well. I would highly recommend her.” – AB, Physician’s Assistant

"Dr. Mandy has been a powerful part of my ongoing healing postpartum. Despite having been working very hard on my own to heal (yoga, exercise, acupuncture), before I came to see Dr. Mandy, I was still extraordinarily compromised in my body with debilitating back and hip pain... to the point that I was fearful of my ability to care for my baby. Dr. Mandy took an enormous amount of time during the first meeting to go in-depth and to really get to know my experience. She addresses care from multiple angles and her treatment style reflects this. She listens and responds to each nuance that I may be dealing with on the postpartum roller coaster at every appointment. From the first treatment I experienced an immediate difference, and as a result of ongoing treatments, I am benefitting from noticeable progress in healing. She has helped me understand what can be happening physically, hormonally, physiologically, and mentally as a breastfeeding mother, and she has a substantial athletic background that is a big plus for returning to my own exercise regimen. I am immensely grateful to her and. I have found a comprehensive caring environment and empowerment to truly heal, and support with laser focus on a woman's body during one of the most intense times in her life." - stay at home mom, JB

“Dr. Mandy treats with a light touch and a light heart and has a wealth of tools in her magical toolbox. I’ve seen her throughout my pregnancy and I plan on seeing her afterwards with baby in tow for treatments as well. She’s played an important role in this grateful mama’s health. I couldn’t have done it without her!” – LC, former bartender/server, current stay at home mom

“I've been seeing Dr. Mandy throughout my pregnancy. I was caught off guard by how painful my hips and back became early on in my second trimester. The pain would wake me up multiple times in the night and I felt crippled as I hobbled around during the day. Dr. Mandy's gentle adjustment techniques have significantly improved my level of comfort - I no longer experience pelvic discomfort and have been sleeping so much better. I am so grateful for the care I have received from her!” -NG, veterinarian

“This is my second pregnancy and first one that I received chiropractic care from Dr. Mandy. In this pregnancy, I had more energy and felt more confident in my body’s ability to give birth. This was a hard pregnancy due to a miscarriage I had right before getting pregnant, but Dr. Mandy supported me and my body through the miscarriage and I have been seeing her since I found out I was pregnant. I can’t thank her enough for all the great care I’ve received and for giving me confidence in my body’s ability to do this. And in my first pregnancy, I just felt “wrecked” the entire time…low energy, more issues like morning sickness, etc. But this pregnancy, was perfect!!!!” – SA, teacher

“Dr. Marziaz is amazing. She knows exactly what her patients need. I was suffering from pregnancy headaches when I first saw her. She did some adjustments on me on the very first time at the appointment. Immediately after the appointment, my headache disappeared. It was like a magic! Her treatment does not give me any after aches too. I’ve had chiropractic treatment before but it’s so hard to find a practitioner that does not give me after ache. Dr. Marziaz is amazing about it. She also had connections and recommendations that others need. I highly recommend her treatment for anyone who’s suffering pain or anyone who needs improvement.” – YT, graphic designer.

“I started seeing Dr Mandy during the 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy due to severe pelvic and lower back pain. By my 3rd adjustment, I was having significantly less pain, and by the end of my pregnancy, I had little to no pain. Dr Mandy’s low-impact style worked incredibly well for me, and I’m convinced that her adjustments made my labor and delivery much more speedy and uncomplicated than it would have been otherwise.” -LR, stay at home mom

“During 2017, as I was continuing my education on wellness, I was fortunate enough to encounter Dr. Mandy Marziaz. My wellness care had been going along nicely, for the most part. I was eating well, stretching, walking, and drinking lots of water. I was still needing more education. I wanted to know how to continue to support, and improve, my healthy system. Dr. Mandy not only validated my wellness, she was able to provide me another aspect to chiropractic care and continuing wellness. She brought a calmness to my life, asking me how I feel in my body today. This simple question made me take account of my body, at that moment. Then it became a question I would ask myself throughout my day. This encouraged me to think of myself in my own body; I would take breaks, breath, and stretch more often, after asking myself that question. A simple thing to ask yourself, yet overlooked.
Her techniques are subtle, and focused. Once you have gotten through the initial phase of care; where you aren’t focusing on pain, but understanding wellness, Dr. Mandy is able to really take your system to another level.” – SR, office manager

“Amazing doc! Helped my bladder and GI issues in one treatment!” – NR, chiropractor

“She is an Amazing Person and an Outstanding Doctor! Her adjustments are so good they take my headaches away! She is very Good with people especially Women and Children!”– BS, CA

“I have 4 children and this has been my best recovery postpartum. I thought this pregnancy would wreck my body but with Dr. Mandy’s gentle techniques and being consistent with post-partum care, I feel great. In addition, my baby has been getting care and is less fussy and easier to calm.” – MM, stay at home Mom

“I was a former patient of Dr. Mandy’s and I came back because she was the only chiropractor I trusted. She took time to really explain what’s going on and her adjustments always felt right for my body. She works with your body rather than being overly forceful.” -SE, engineer

“After just 1 adjustment with Dr. Mandy, I noticed a change in my baby’s fussiness. He sleeps longer and when he does get fussy, it doesn’t last as long. He also started cooing and smiling 1 day after the adjustment. His spit up is less and his gas is not as intense. So grateful to Dr. Mandy for helping to calm my baby.” -AW, stay at home mom

“I usually get sick in the first couple months of postpartum and since getting regular chiropractic care, I have been able to fight off colds.” – JB, OB-GYN

“My baby has been less fussy with decreased length of fussy spells and sleeping better though the night and is able to self soothe better when he does wake up.” – AJ, stay at home Mom

“To be honest, I’ve been to other chiropractors and Dr. Mandy is the only one who has helped me. My neck adjustments hold longer. I’m afraid to go to any other chiropractor, and I travel almost an hour to see Dr. Mandy. I also feel she listens to me and is really interested in my overall wellness.” – SD, engineer

“Dr. Marziaz is very skilled on what she is doing. Every time I come back from appt with her, I felt already very good. Her treatment made my daily life so much better. I am very thankful.” BW, Computer Engineer